The Case Against the Fed

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The Case Against the Fed  
Case Against the Fed cover.jpg
Author(s) Murray N. Rothbard
Country United States
Subject(s) Banking, Economics
Genre(s) Non-fiction
Publisher Ludwig von Mises Institute
Publication date 1994
Media type Print
Pages 158 p.
ISBN 094546617X
OCLC Number 655086034
LC Classification 94-073591

The Case Against the Fed is a book by American economist Murray Rothbard. Heralded by the Ludwig von Mises Institute as "the most powerful case against the American central bank ever written", it offers a mini-treatment of money and banking theory, followed by the real history of the Federal Reserve System. The text covers the struggle between competing elites and how they converged with the Fed.

Rothbard calls for the abolition of the central bank and a restoration of the gold standard. His popular treatment incorporates the best and most up-to-date scholarship on the Fed's origins and effects.

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