The Ethics of Liberty

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The Ethics of Liberty  
Paperback cover
Author(s) Murray N. Rothbard
Country United States
Subject(s) Political philosophy, Ethics
Genre(s) Non-fiction
Publisher Humanities Press
Publication date 1982
Media type Print
Pages 268
ISBN 0391023713
OCLC Number 7813705
Dewey Decimal 323.44/01 19
LC Classification JC585 .R69 1982

The Ethics of Liberty, by American economist and historian Murray N. Rothbard, first published in 1982, is an exposition of the libertarian political position. It roots the case for freedom in the concept of natural rights and applies it to a host of practical problems.

Hans-Hermann Hoppe, who wrote the introduction to later editions of the book, has described the 273-page The Ethics of Liberty as Murray Rothbard's second magnum opus, the other being Man, Economy, and State.[1]


Release history

  • New York University Press. New York, N.Y. February 1, 2003. Paperback. ISBN 0-8147-7559-4
  • New York University Press. New York, N.Y. May 1, 1998. Hardcover. ISBN 0-8147-7506-3
  • Humanities Press. Atlantic Highlands, N.J. 1982. Hardcover. ISBN 0-391-02371-3



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