The Government Against the Economy

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The Government Against the Economy  
The Government Against the Economy cover.jpg
Author(s) George Reisman (foreword by William E. Simon)
Country United States
Subject(s) Economics
Genre(s) Non-fiction
Publisher Caroline House Publishers
Publication date 1979
Media type Print
Pages 207 p.
ISBN 0898030048
OCLC Number 5908227

The Government Against the Economy is a book by economist George Reisman. The text traces out the effects of price control on sector after sector and shows how price controls, not greedy merchants, were the reason for the shortage and the gas-line calamity of the 1970s.

Reisman shows how government actions distort pricing signals to the point where producers can no longer profit from providing services and integrates his analysis with monetary analytics to show how inflation can lead to all-round economic planning.

The book was later turned into three of twenty chapters of Reisman's magisterial book Capitalism: A Treatise on Economics.

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