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Remaining issues

  • Image thumbnails not working universally
    • Thumbnail 404 handler, or lack thereof, seems to be the problem
  • Error on previewing and saving a page in the page namespace.
    • Warning: Parameter 3 to pr_pageQuality() expected to be a reference, value given in /home/web/public_html/wiki/mediawiki/includes/parser/Parser.php on line 3333
      • <pagequality>, via global $wgParser; and $wgParser->setHook( "pagequality", "pr_pageQuality" ); in proofreadpage.php, runs function pr_PageQuality with three arguments. The third argument of pr_PageQuality is &$parser. This is the parent parser, according to [1]. The error says that Parameter 3 is a value in line 3333 of parser.php, which is array( $content, $attributes, $this, $frame ) );. I'm theorizing that "null" here is a value, and thus this is causing the error.
  • Page status color not correct on index page (related to previous?)


  • Index pages formatted correctly
  • PDF file viewing possible
  • PDF file upload enabled
  • Page and Index talk namespaces created

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