Libertarianism Today

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Libertarianism Today  
Author(s) Jacob Huebert
Country United States
Subject(s) Political philosophy
Genre(s) Non-fiction
Publisher Praeger
Publication date 1 July 2010
Media type Print
Pages 254 pp.
ISBN 978-0313377549

Libertarianism Today is a book written by Jacob Huebert and published in 2010, intended as the successor book to Murray Rothbard's 1973 For a New Liberty.[1] Like Rothbard's work, it examines many different social issues and how libertarian principles apply to them. It has many notable differences from For a New Liberty, however. It is about a third shorter and does not take an explicitly anarcho-capitalist stance, instead summing up the variety of stances taken by different major groups and figures within the libertarian movement.[2] It does not even delve into the subject of anarcho-capitalist law, as FANL did, instead stating that such topics are outside its scope. Perhaps most importantly to the casual reader, its full text is not available online, and cannot be placed by others online due to copyright restrictions. This is rather ironic, since the book devotes a chapter to the fight against intellectual property. Jeffrey Tucker opined, "Markets don’t fail but firms make mistakes and this is one of them."[3]