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This is a template to generate links to Mises.org, used exclusively for Mises Daily articles. It returns the preferred format for linking to Mises Daily in the "Links" section of Mises Wiki articles. It should not be used for <ref></ref> citations for "References" sections.




Currently all parameters are required

* {{md|ID |Title |Author |Date}}
* {{md| ID = id | Title = Mises Daily article title | Author = author name | Date = date}}

Detailed instructions

  1. Copy and paste the syntax above into the Mises Wiki article
  2. Go to https://Mises.org and search for the Daily article you want (say, "Defining Inflation"; you'll see a list of all parts of the site that point to that title.)
  3. Hover your mouse pointer over the hyperlinks and find the one that has "/daily/" in the URL: https://mises.org/daily/908/
  4. Once you find that page, you'll need to copy that number that comes after "/daily/".
  5. You can click that link and go to the page and and copy the number from the address bar in your browser, or alternatively you can right-click (or ctrl+click on a Mac) on the hyperlink and "Copy link location" to your clipboard.
  6. Copy only that number (here, we're using "908")
  7. Replace "ID" with the number and "Title" with "Defining Inflation" (note: there is no need for the quotes) and "Author" (note: you can hyperlink this part, preferably to the Mises Wiki article for the author) and "Date"
    * {{md|908|Defining Inflation|[[Frank Shostak]]|March 2002}} results in:

If you still have any doubts or questions about the use of the template, you can ask at User talk:John James.

Future development

  • YesY Done Allow for only three parameters (ID, Title, Date) for sections with many articles by the same author, like here.

See also

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{{Mises daily}}, {{md}} ID Title Author Date Used exclusively for Mises Daily articles
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