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List of Mises Wiki citation and other useful templates

These templates are for citing Mises Wiki Blog, Daily, and Resources page and for other useful purposes when editing Mises Wiki.

Template(s) Parameter(s) Description
1 2 3 4 pipe
{{Mises blog}}, {{mb}} ID Title Author Date Used exclusively for Mises Blog articles
{{Mises daily}}, {{md}} ID Title Author Date Used exclusively for Mises Daily articles
{{Misesresources}}, {{mr}} ID Name Used exclusively for Mises Resources page items.
{{Nowrap}} (pipe) Stops wrapping of specific text
{{Outdent}} Colons (e.g. ::::::) or number of colons (e.g. 6) For outdenting a reply on a talk page when indention gets too deep.
{{Wikipedia link}} Generates links to the Wikipedia article matching the title of the article on which the template is placed.