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Julie Borowski says, "RNC and the establishment want libertarians to go third party and I don't think we should give in to them. They never attack third party candidates or their supporters because they are no threat to them. The establishment doesn't have to worry about third party candidates winning. Have you ever heard a time when Romney or Obama attacked a third party candidate? No! They only attack those who they are afraid of."

I think that Republicans do view libertarians outside the Republican Party as a threat. That's why they tried so hard to get Gary Johnson off the ballot wherever possible, and why they excommunicate any prominent Republican who endorses a Libertarian candidate. If Ron Paul's supporters will ultimately vote for Romney no matter how badly they get mistreated at the convention, then what does Romney stand to lose by mistreating them? If it could cost him the general election, that's another story.

As Thoreau pointed out, "A minority is powerless while it conforms to the majority; it is not even a minority then".