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The 2011 article improvement drive is a Mises Wiki-wide writing competition open to all registered Mises Wiki members. The objective is to substantially improve Mises Wiki content, both in the number of topics covered and in the depth that these topics are discussed. Participants' work will be graded against a point system, by a panel of judges, and the member with the most points will be awarded a $50 gift certificate to the Mises Institute's bookstore and a honorary barnstar. The rules are listed below.

The contest is closed.

See the records and the winners from:

Judge panel

Point system

The points are awarded for achieving the following objectives:
Turned an article into a Featured article. 100 points
Created a decent Stub of at least 500 bytes about a relevant, heretofore uncovered topic. 10 points
Created a decent article of at least 2000 bytes about a relevant, heretofore uncovered topic. 20 points
Turned a short article with less than 500 bytes into a decent article of at least 2000. 20 points
Turned an article originally coming from Wikipedia into original content. 20 points
Added a brand new day page with a relevant anniversary to MisesWiki:Anniversaries. 5 points

Hints and Guidelines:

  • If you are improving a page, you don't have to be its original author.
  • Merely copyediting or wikifying an article does not constitute "significant work," but may earn partial points.
  • Creating a new Stub and making an article out of it will result in the award of points for the article only.
  • Reworking Wikipedia articles will require a careful reworking of content (reworking WP sections may earn partial points depending on their size and importance for the page). The references of a page also need to be checked, those that can't be verified removed, dead links fixed, etc. In short, the new page should look very much different from the Wikipedia page.
  • Before creating a new page, consider searching for it and for pages that would link to it - they may contain useful content that you can reuse! Also, you can add links to the new page where relevant.


  • The contest takes place throughout the whole month of December, 2011 (1.-31.12.2011).
  • The purpose of the contest is to improve the MisesWiki and have fun!
  • The contestants will submit their additions to the submissions page. A simple summary is sufficient (i.e. I've created pages X, Y and Z, improved A and B, etc.).
  • The nominated content must have been worked on during the run of the competition.
  • The judges will grade the submissions and award points to each contestant. If more editors improve a particular page, the judges may distribute the points between them.
  • At the end of the month, the contestant with the highest number of points will be awarded a $50 gift certificate to the Mises Institute's bookstore and a honorary barnstar.
  • The judges may take part in the contest but will not receive any awards.
  • Submissions from the last three days of the contest may be added to the submission page three days after the contest has ended.
  • A winner will be declared only if there are two or more contestants.


  • The spirit of the rules is more important than the letter.

If you have any questions, please check the Talk page.