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This is the user contribution page for the MisesWiki:2011 article improvement drive and the month September. In case of any questions please consult the Talk page.

This contest is closed. Congratulations to the winner - Matthew! Many thanks to all other participants, especially Joel.poindexter!

Points summary

The points were awarded by the contest's judges according to the rules. (The contest is closed.)

User / points Featured article Stub created Article created Extended short article WP article New anniversary User total
Matthew 110 160 270
Joel.poindexter 60 160 12 232
The points are awarded for achieving the following objectives:
Turned an article into a Featured article. 100 points
Created a decent Stub of at least 500 bytes about a relevant, heretofore uncovered topic. 10 points
Created a decent article of at least 2000 bytes about a relevant, heretofore uncovered topic. 20 points
Turned a short article with less than 500 bytes into a decent article of at least 2000. 20 points
Turned an article originally coming from Wikipedia into original content. 20 points
Added a brand new day with a relevant anniversary to MisesWiki:Anniversaries. 3 points

Contest contributions