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Useful stuff

Literature/Book Template for creating new pages:

  • go to this page and click "edit", then copy all text and paste into the new page you wish to create. NOTE: many of the fields are filled out with example text. Be sure to make ALL changes regarding details to match the work of literature that you are creating a new page for.

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Things I'll get to...

You Can Help (hopefully)

  • create inequality page and add relevant article links
  • find & fix the code to display the text of the "school tradition" in {{infobox economist}} in the color white...all the time.
  • Fixed figure out why any images I upload can't display in any pixel ratio other than full size.
  • YesY Done Create interwiki code—like the [[wikipedia:...]] syntax that directly links to Wikipedia articles—for the other Wikimedia project sites Wikisource.
    • YesY Done ...particularly the Commons. I'd like to be able to easily tap into that repository of free-use media the same way the other wikis do. (For example see the description for this image on Wikipedia. Notice how it was not uploaded to, nor hosted at is in the Commons, and the other wiki sites are able to easily use it without uploading it to their local space. We need to do that.
  • YesY Done Add functionality of the abbreviation shortcuts for Interwikimedia links
  • Correct for URL coding (e.g. punctuation) on {{wplink}}
  • Figure (and correct) why {{Infobox officeholder}} output text is too large
  • Figure out issue and fix hide function on navboxes div navframes like {{politbox}} uses (i.e. make it appear and function)
    • I was able to fix it for the normal navbox class like in {{navbox}}, but it doesn't seem to work with the divs used in politbox.

Proposed pages on

  • Resource page
    • Human Action 4th edition
    • The Theory of Money and Credit, 1981 edition
    • Economics in One Lesson

Book Covers to be added to Picasa

Stuff to fix

  • Add the PDF download link to the resources page of The Case for a 100 Percent Gold Dollar. Update: there is now a new PDF of the book form sold by the LvMI, linked on a resources page here. Ideally the link to the new PDF would be simply added to the original resources page, and this new resources page deleted.
  • Correct the download link on the Allen Mendenhall interview (instead of just going directly to the youtube page it should allow a download. Preferably it would have download links to various formats, like here.)
  • There are two resource pages for Economic Science and the Austrian Method [1],[2]...and neither one includes the HTML link
  • Media page no longer includes link to Youtube version (example)
  • "Hazlitt as National Teacher" from the Nov. 2010 issue of The Free Market is listed online as by Henry's really by Jeff Riggenbach
  • Display creation date of media, instead of just upload date. (e.g. The Costs of War seminar...all the dates say March of 2004. There is no documentation letting the visitor know the conference took place a full decade earlier, in 1994)